Dehradun Smart City takes measures including Integrated Command and Control Centre, CCTVs and Lockdown passes to combat COVID-19

May 12, 2020 News

by Vipul Dhasmana, Digital Editor,, +91 9412303906,

Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) has utilized the Integrated Command and Control Centre for monitoring and surveillance activities in the fight against Covid-19. DSCL authorities worked in collaboration with District Administration in planning and management of requirements for COVID-19. Technology partners such as HPE, SGL and Webline were remotely engaged by DSCL and District Administration through video and tele conferencing, ensuring they play key role in implementation and execution.

Integrated Command and Control Centre

Dehradun Smart City Limited has introduced the process of monitoring the quarantine wards at the hospitals through Dehradun Integrated Command and Control Centre. DSCL has already set up CCTVs at Doon, Coronation, Gandhi Shatabdi and Subharti hospitals, and Taqgene hotel with the primary objective of providing 24×7 security using CCTV surveillance system and the video feed of the same AI based Face Recognition at Isolation/Quarantine location would be stored at ICCC.

The installation of CCTVs is yet another step to ensure that the service providers along with those under quarantine are safe and secure.

Essential Service Lockdown Pass

Dehradun Smart City has developed a computer application named “Essential Service Lock down pass”. If any citizen wants any emergency services during the lockdown they can apply for the pass, get it approved and then can leave their home and use the District level/City Level Emergency/Essential Service for senior citizen, funeral, medical service, food supply & grocery service, home delivery, IT & telecom service etc.

Essential Service Lock Down Pass

Public Awareness Campaigns

Dehradun Smart City is spreading awareness regarding the lockdown and the services that has been provided by the Municipal Corporation and all other Government services. The city is also motivating people though its various social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp group to spread awareness among all the projects of DSCL.


Awareness through VMDs

COVID-19 awareness message is being published for citizens on Variable Messaging Displays (VMDs) placed at Critical Junctions of the City. Display of Emergency Numbers – Police, Health and other important departments is being done on VMDs.

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