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New Life Line Care is a Counseling & Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and Substance Abuser’s. New Life Line Care De-Addiction Centre is situated at Rajeev Nagar, Near Rishpna B
Phone 01356006100
Country India

New Life Line Care

New Life Line Care provides Dedicated Counseling and Spiritual Programs with Regular Psychical Check Ups and Physiological Analysis. During the De-addiction Program we take care of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and help Patient to overcome and live a new healthy regret free life.

We Offer :

  • Treatment by Experienced Counselors.
  • Spiritual & Psychological Treatment by 12 Step, AA & NA Meetings.
  • Meditation, Prayers & Yoga.
  • Ample facilities for various Games & Recreations.
  • Separate Bed for each Patient.
  • Nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Open & Natural Atmosphere.
  • Hot Water in Winters.
  • Transport Facility for Patients.

Tel : +91-8958 3050 58 | +91-135-6006 100 | +91-9760 378 437 | +91-9675 848 284

Call Timings : 24 Hours.

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Add : Rajeev Nagar, Near Rishpna Bridge, Vidhansabha Chowk, Dehradun.

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Phone 01356006100
Country India

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