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Be Aware of Self Medication in Skin Diseases

August 13, 2016 Article

It is a very commonly seen phenomenon in the society that whenever, we get skin diseases, almost all of us first try our self remedies & when the disease get worse, we reach the Dermatologist (Skin Specialist ).

But we should always remember that sometimes the results of self medication are so disastrous that we can have the scarring which remains lifelong on our cosmetically important areas as face. Self wrong medication may grew hair on face, may develop swelling & redness on skin and even development of acne & blemishes.

Problems Arising Due to Self Medication:

  1. Worsening of skin diseases.
  2. Starting of some new problems due to wrong self medication.
  3. Difficulty in diagnosing the problem as disease changes its features in response to wrong treatment.
  4. Increase in duration of suffering as in such case more time is required for treatment as disease has advanced.
  5. Increased cost of treatment because of increased duration of treatment & more number of medicines are required.

Take Home Pearl

As we do not engulf a tablet without doctor’s advice, we should not apply any self medication on skin diseases also and should consult a SKIN Specialist if we face any skin problem.

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